How to sign up

Sign up for our birthday club HERE. 

Join Mud Puddle's Birthday Club today! Every member gets a $5 gift card when they create their wishlist in store. 

  1. Create a Wishlist with Us: Visit Mud Puddle and pick out your child's dream gifts for their wishlist. When you check out, we'll scan the wishlist items and give you a $5 gift card for your child.
  2. Share the Wishlist: We'll upload your child's wishlist to our online store using their first name and party date. Within a few days, you'll receive a unique link to share with guests, making it easy for them to find your child's wishlist on line or in store.
  3. Keep it Flexible: Feel free to add or remove items from the list anytime. The link will expire after the party date, but our staff can still access it for reference.

For an example of a birthday wish list, see: